R|D has defended thousands of real estate tax appeals since 1979.

R|D has represented municipalities in defending property tax appeals since 1979. We have handled literally thousands of appeals, from vacant land and small residential appeals to multi-million dollars shopping centers, industrial establishments, apartment buildings, commercial properties, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, golf courses and every other type of property. We have also litigated many exemption cases before the county board of taxation all the way to the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

We believe in aggressive defense techniques, such as seeking dismissal using all available tools, including investigation and discovery, Chapter 91, nonpayment of taxes, and other available grounds. We routinely inspect the properties under appeal if needed. We defend those cases that are defensible, believing that municipalities must preserve their tax bases. However, we provide a candid evaluation of all appeals, and if warranted, attempt to settle the matter.

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