R|D vigorously defends law enforcement officers

R|D vigorously defends law enforcement officers, corrections officers and other law enforcement officials sued in civil lawsuits, facing disciplinary action, or charged with municipal or criminal offenses. R|D has a proven record of success in defending law enforcement officers sued in both state and federal courts.  For example, we have successfully represented law enforcement officers named as defendants in civil lawsuits stemming from the use of deadly force, the use of force during an arrest, claims of excessive force, false arrest, allegations of a lack of probable cause to make an arrest, malicious prosecution, conspiracy and other civil rights or tort claims.

Our experienced team advises law enforcement officers from the moment a critical incident occurs to insure the officer is wholly protected.  Our team understands law enforcement policies and procedures, rules and regulations, Attorney General Guidelines and other standard operation procedures (SOPs) which govern an officer’s conduct. R|D understands the magnitude and severity of these matters and assist our law enforcement clients in successfully navigating these complicated and difficult cases. R|D is a participating member of the State PBA Defense Plans as well as certain Municipal Joint Insurance Funds.

R|D tirelessly investigates and rigorously defends these matters for our law enforcement clients. We believe that knowledge of the applicable law is the one of most critical aspects of representation in these specific types of cases. Many cases are won or lost based on the skill and knowledge of the attorney in representing law enforcement officers in this specialized area.

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