We navigate complicated local government law issues for you.

R|D routinely advises and represents local governments and officials as well as individuals and businesses in navigating often complicated local government law issues. We serve as municipal attorneys, represent boards and provide authoritative opinions on all aspects of local government law issues. R|D has the experience to help our clients maneuver not only more routine matters, but also complex problems.

We have a proven track record of success in many areas of local government law, including defending municipal actions, land use litigation, OPRA cases, OPMA/Sunshine Law matters, election law, defending tax appeals, trials and appeals, defending tort, civil rights, police and labor/personnel lawsuits and providing guidance and counsel to avoid these claims.

We are called on frequently to teach and provide guidance to other local government attorneys and officials. We also routinely investigate matters. We also author legal opinions on different issues or on pending/newly enacted legislation.

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